EASST 2010: Practicing Science and Technology, Performing the Social

Carl DiSalvo, Tobie Kerridge and myself ran a track entitled ‘Speculation, Design, Public and Participatory Technoscience: Possibilities and Critical Perspectives’ at EASST 2010. The track ran over three sessions and included the following papers:

Mike Michael Designing public engagement with science: citizens, idiots, parasites
Emily Dawson Speculative design and the issue of public participation
Tobie Kerridge Circulating speculative design – Public engagement and practitioner promotion
Katharina Bredies Chasing the carrot or the not-implications of STS for design
Alex Wilkie Enacting users, mediating publics
Wouter Mensink, Benoît Dutilleul, Frans A.J. Birrer Democratising technology and innovation: the role of the “participant” in Living Labs
Hanneke Miedema Combining engineering design and STS: designing technology and society
Joachim Halse Performing future waste practices in a shopping center
Diego Compagna The agency of design in the innovation process
Ann-Christina Lange Experimental processes – A study of design for “future digital manners”
Carl DiSalvo Attending to the media and materiality of the objects of speculative design
Nathaniel Savery Communication-mediated computation: the “Hmmm” environment as an engine for participatory speculative design
James Auger, Laurel Swan, Alex S. Taylor Speculative design by practice: a robot case study
Tau Ulv Lenskjold Artifacts from the future of domestic living: engaging innovation by means of speculative design – A preliminary investigation

We’d like to thank everybody who took part in our session: for paper contributions and for the discussions that ensued. We’ll keep everybody posted about what we are planning to do next.

Joachim Halse: performing future waste practices in a shopping center

We’d also like to thank Nina Wakeford and Lucy Kimbell for the impromptu organisation of a round table in which participants from the three design related tracks at EASST convened to discuss topics that emerged during the conference. The two other design related tracks included:

  • Design, Performativity, STS
  • What Objects Do: Design, Consumption and Social Practices
Tobie Kerridge & Carl DiSalvo