Doing and Undoing Post-Anthropocentric Design

And here’s the papers being presented in our session at DRS 2022.

  • Designing & Worlding: Prototyping equivocal encounters
    Pablo Hermansen, Martín Tironi
    Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile
  • Design beyond the human world of management and organizations: Towards a cosmology for the Anthropocene
    Emmanuel Bonnet1, Diego Landivar1, Alexandre Monnin1, Ulises Navarro Aguiar2
    1ESC Clermont Business School, France; 2HDK-Valand Academy of Art and Design, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Narrating Ecological Grief and Hope Through Reproduction and Translations
    Li Jönsson, Kristina Lindström
    Malmö University, Sweden
  • Making-with the environment through more-than-human design
    Berilsu Tarcan, Ida Nilstad Pettersen, Ferne Edwards
    NTNU, Norway
  • Shitty stories: Experimenting with probiotic participation through design
    Tau Lenskjold, Danielle Wilde
    SDU, Denmark
  • Why would I ever fry and eat my SCOBY? It would be like murder! – Attuning to nonhumans through kombucha fermentation practices
    Aybars Senyildiz1, Emilija Veselova2
    1Department of Design, Aalto University, Finland; 2 NODUS Sustainable Design Research Group, Department of Design, Aalto University, Finland