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Speculation in Social Science

Last Friday I participated in a conference session at the British Sociological Association entitled ‘Speculation in Social Science: Novel Methods for Re-Inventing Problems’. The session was organised by Marsha Rosengarten, Michael Halewood, Jennifer Gabrys, Martin Savransky and myself as part of the Unit of Play. Here’s the session blurb from the conference handbook: “In this panel […]

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Experience as Evidence?

I’m participating in the symposium  ‘Experience as Evidence? – Sciences of Subjectivity in Healthcare, Policy and Practice’ at St Hughes College, Oxford in October 2014. I’ll be presenting a paper, co-authored with Mike Michael, entitled ‘Doing Speculation to Curtail Speculation’. Here’s a description of the event: ‘Experience’ has long been referenced as a valuable, if ‘subjective’, resource […]

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Prototyping as Event

My article ‘Prototyping as Event: Designing the Future of Obesity‘ has just been published by the Journal of Cultural Economy. In the article I employ the notion of ‘event’, drawing on the work of Whitehead, Stengers and Fraser, to explore and understand the practice of prototyping in design and how it eventuates multiple becomings in […]

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Forecasting the future

The fourth Austerity Futures workshop – Forecasting the Future – took place last Friday at the Centre for Creative Collaboration, in London. The speakers included Arie Rip, Martin Giraudeau (LSE) and Alex Taylor (Microsoft Research) and responses came from Paul Martin (Sheffield), Julie Froud (Manchester) and Bethan Evans (Liverpool). The presentations and responses were followed by a […]

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Performative Futures: Expectations, Promises and Failures Pre- and Post-austerity

The next session of the Austerity Futures seminar series has been announced and is scheduled to take place on the 13th of March at the University of York. Here’s the blurb: Performative futures: expectations, promises and failures pre- and post-austerity It is often argued that we should understand expectations as ‘constitutive’ or ‘performative’, but more […]

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Internat 26, Malmö ~ Re-Assembling the Social

Next week I’m participating in an PhD training event organised by the Swedish Faculty for Design Research and Research Education entitled ‘Re-Assembling the Social’. Naturally, the event is working on Latourian concepts of the social as well as participation and issue mapping. Click here for more info.

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MA Design: Interaction Research

Alongside my colleague, Tobie Kerridge, I am starting a new MA at Goldsmiths entitled ‘MA Design: Interaction Research‘. The MA will bring together design-led empirical research with concepts and methods derived from STS and cater for students with backgrounds in Design and the Social Sciences. Here’s a description from the Goldsmiths web site. “Grounded in […]

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