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The New Experimentalisms review

Kim Kullman has written a review of the New Experimentalisms workshop organised by Dan Neyland, Michael Guggenheim and myself and hosted by CISP (Goldsmiths) on the 20th of September 2016.

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The Aftermath of the ‘Social’

Martin Savransky has written a commentary to Inventing the Social symposium for CSISP Online. The page on CSISP Online also includes audio recordings of the symposium sessions (thanks to Joe Deville) as well as photos taken by Laura Cuch as well as myself.

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Speculation in Social Science

Last Friday I participated in a conference session at the British Sociological Association entitled ‘Speculation in Social Science: Novel Methods for Re-Inventing Problems’. The session was organised by Marsha Rosengarten, Michael Halewood, Jennifer Gabrys, Martin Savransky and myself as part of the Unit of Play. Here’s the session blurb from the conference handbook: “In this panel […]

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Experience as Evidence?

I’m participating in the symposium  ‘Experience as Evidence? – Sciences of Subjectivity in Healthcare, Policy and Practice’ at St Hughes College, Oxford in October 2014. I’ll be presenting a paper, co-authored with Mike Michael, entitled ‘Doing Speculation to Curtail Speculation’. Here’s a description of the event: ‘Experience’ has long been referenced as a valuable, if ‘subjective’, resource […]

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Forecasting the future

The fourth Austerity Futures workshop – Forecasting the Future – took place last Friday at the Centre for Creative Collaboration, in London. The speakers included Arie Rip, Martin Giraudeau (LSE) and Alex Taylor (Microsoft Research) and responses came from Paul Martin (Sheffield), Julie Froud (Manchester) and Bethan Evans (Liverpool). The presentations and responses were followed by a […]

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Parasites, Idiots and Diplomats

At 4S/EASST I also presented the paper ‘Parasites, Idiots and Diplomats: Engaging with Energy Communities’ as part of the panel ‘Design & Cosmopolitics’. Here’s the abstract: In this paper I explore processes of engagement occasioned in an innovative energy-demand reduction research project. I present a case involving three Twitter research probes employed as part of […]

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Studio Studies Revisited

Alongside Ignacio Farias, I organised an open panel at the EASST/4S meeting in Copenhagen this October (17-20th). Here’s the description of the panel we sent out: Given the importance placed on ‘creativity’, ‘creative economy’ and ‘creative industry’ in both national and international policy contexts, it is surprising that understanding of creativity-in-action remains largely underdeveloped. What is […]

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